The school provides bus facilities to different parts of Ottapalam. Buses operate on all important routes.

It is our prime objective to make the school bus service as efficient as possible. Any lapse on the part of the school, if brought to the notice of the authorities, will be attended to without delay.

We have well-experienced and trained drivers and caring female attendants to look after the children while in the bus.

The following norms have to be adhered to by the students and parents/guardians who want to send their wards by the school bus.

Written application should be submitted to the School Office at the beginning of the academic year. Requests for changes in boarding points, whether temporary and permanent, shall be made in writing in advance.

To discontinue the bus facility, one month’s notice in writing shall be given by the parent/guardian to the Principal.

The student should reach the boarding point prior to the scheduled time and should not keep the school bus waiting.

The students are expected to behave appropriately while travelling in the bus.

In the extreme contingencies of the school not being able to ply the bus on any day, parents will be intimated by SMS and students will have to make their own arrangements to come to school. No complaints will be entertained on such issues.

Bus Routes

Bus No. 1 Bus No. 2 Bus No. 3 Bus No. 4 Bus No. 5
Vadanamkurussi Althara Cherampattakavu Palat Road Kayiliad
Kanayam V K Padi Kothakurussi Killikavu Vembalathpadam
Shoranur South Panamanna Panamanna Kanniyampuram Panayur Kota
Karekkad Ambalavattom Palakkod Thrikkangode Vayanasala
Thathamkode Pavukonam Pathamkulam Velliyadu Panayur
ICCONS Anthurparambu Althara Manisseriv (Manapullikavu) Koonathara
Aryankavu Attikundu Kothayur Colony Road Ponad
Koonathara Edakode Vaniyamkulam Varikkasery Mana Velliyadu
VKM Panchayath Kothayur Manissery Mannanur
Vaniyamkulam Cherukatupulam