Academic Approach - Activities

The academic year starts in the first week of June and continues until March. It consists of two terms - from June to October and from November to March.

The day begins at 9.05 am and ends at 3.25 pm.

Apart from the curriculum-based and examination-oriented teaching, the academic work emphasizes on an inquiry-based approach to learning and encourages students to plan investigations, explore various outcomes, and reach credible and logical conclusions, with teachers as facilitators. Using high order thinking skills and project methods, children understand, synthesize their learning, and enhance their ability to acquire competencies and skills. The classroom inputs are also enriched with outdoor experiential learning activities like study visits, tours, and excursions.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, morning school assemblies are held in which theme-based presentations and cultural events are a regular feature. The students get together to celebrate important social, religious, and national festivals. These are platforms for projecting the role of school prefects and for reinforcing group solidarity. Beyond all, they are contexts for providing opportunities for collaborative and peer learning.

We give a lot of importance to the development of English communication skills and have enlisted the services of VETA, a professional company conducting English communication classes.

All the aforesaid programs intend to provide meaningful learning and facilitate the realization of KNOWLEDGE CREATION rather than just information transaction. The learners are transformed to evolve as persevering inquirers, liberal thinkers, effective communicators, and humane idealists.