Swathy Central School, located in Vaniyamkulam near Ottapalam, is an acclaimed and prestigious educational institution working towards broadening the educational horizons of the aspiring young learners of the region. The school, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, embarked upon a fruitful journey in 1994 in the field of educational service, redefining learners’ perspectives and goals.

Many geographical, cultural, and economic barriers and challenges had to be met and overcome, and presently the institution has found a coveted status among the CBSE schools of Kerala. It pays great attention to quality education and provides a caring, creative, and disciplined environment for its students to grow and learn.

We give learners the best start in education by providing an inspiring academic atmosphere, which would equip them to become effective competitors and collaborators in the further realms of higher learning and professional pursuits.


We envision the grooming of empowered and enlightened youth who are not only able to connect to the cultural and intellectual heritage but also function as effective leaders for the future. We look forward to the development of human capital, which can bring about progress and development in the immediate political and social entities, and thus in the entire nation.

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to the mission of:

  • The inculcation of futuristic knowledge, skills, and attitudes, empowered through the traits of critical and creative, innovative and flexible thinking skills and the spirit of inquiry, all within the framework of the national curriculum.
  • Emotional empowerment through the honing of positive inter-personal connects, collaborative enterprise, and qualities of discipline, independence, and interdependence.
  • The development of aesthetic sensibilities, love for the environment, and service orientation.
  • The facilitation of healthy and holistic mental and physical development.
  • The creation of ideal and responsible national and global citizenship.