The Child is [the] father of the Man

- William Wordsworth, "My Heart Leaps up"

Mr. Raj Mohan

Student of Law, ILS Law College, Pune

Paradoxical as it may be, the child is in fact, the father of the man. The traits that are nurtured during one’s childhood defines one’s adulthood. I have spent a better part of my childhood studying at Swathy Central School, Vaniyamkulam. I was enrolled as a six-year-old to Std. I and I bid adieu as a sixteen-year-old after Std. X. Over the course of these ten years, the school, its students, and its teaching and non-teaching staff, moulded me into the person that I am today. I have nothing but beautiful joyful memories from my schooldays at Swathy - right from when we were allowed to play that last few minutes of a football match in the rain (during which I promptly slipped and fell quite a number of times), to the time I finally got over my fear of the stage (after a lot of support from everyone) and did “Gangnam Style” at the School’s Annual Day function. The friendships I made at Swathy and the personal attachment that I have with all the staff at the school are valuable aspects of my life and will continue to be so. To conclude, as Wordsworth would say, “My heart leaps up when I behold” my fond memories at this institution.

Ms. Nayana Prakash

BSc Microbiology, Amrutha School of Biotechnology, Kerala

I am an ex-student of Swathy who is presently pursuing my graduation in Microbiology from Amrutha School of Biotechnology at Kollam, Kerala. I joined Swathy in 2016 for my Higher Secondary studies. After completing my Std. X in Abu Dhabi, when my parents shifted me to my hometown at Ottapalam, I was quite apprehensive and nervous. How will my new school be? What about my new teachers and friends? But to my surprise, I started enjoying my school life from day one. The teachers at Swathy School provided great support for me to adjust to my new curriculum and the new environment. It was not necessary to go for any private tuition outside the campus. Not only was the learning processes effective and stress-free, but there were ample opportunities for me to hone and showcase my musical talents and public speaking skills. The happy times I had at Swathy, with my friends and teachers, are unforgettable and will be cherished forever.

Ms. Marie Fontaine

A student visitor from France

Me, a student from France had come to India as a member of the Rotary International Student Exchange Program and had spent some time at Swathy Central School, Ottapalam as a student visitor. The students and the teachers welcomed me with great warmth. Many students in the school were elated to see a student from another country in the school and were extra enthusiastic to be friends with me and teach me Malayalam words. I also taught them a bit of French. I found the studies and the curriculum very tough. However, the teachers and the student friends were ready to help understand different subjects. I learned a lot about the Indian Culture, especially Indian Dancing. The variety and profundity of Indian folk and classical dance is mind-boggling. In the Athletic events, I was far ahead of them and could even beat boys in field events. I was very happy to present a western dance item on the Annual Day and to receive a roaring applause from the audience. I participated in the Onam and Id celebrations. They were memorable days of my life and even now, I keep in touch with quite a few of the teachers and friends of Swathy.