One of the oldest CBSE schools of the area, Swathy Central School implements the directives of the Board and our curricular initiatives, admission norms, and assessment patterns are updated from time to time as per the rules and changes prescribed by the CBSE Board and the Education Department of Kerala.



Structured in the Kindergarten mode, the two-year Kindergarten courses - LKG & UKG, focus on the right induction of early child learners into the field of education. They are taught the fundamentals in literacy (English & Malayalam), numeracy, and environmental education. The pedagogy centers around activities which weave arts, crafts, stories, and play together to explore a range of concepts in language, mathematics, and sciences.

The learning environment is enriched with a mixture of Montessori and Kindergarten methods and emphasizes on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaboration, and also promotes the social nature of learning through peer learning and group networking.

The Primary, Middle & Secondary School Curriculum

For these sections, we follow the 5+3+2 pattern of education, of which the latter two are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Primary School I - V

Three Languages: English, Malayalam & Hindi

Two Subjects: Mathematics & Environmental Science

Middle School VI - VIII

Three Languages: English, Malayalam & Hindi

Three Subjects: Mathematics, General Science & Social Studies

Secondary School IX & X

Two Languages: English, Malayalam or Hindi

Three Subjects: Mathematics, General Science & Social Studies

Along with the above, a few inputs catering to the development of aesthetic sensibilities, physical fitness, and the overall personality of the students, are imparted as part of the curriculum. Assessments are grade based. They are also made mandatory as per the CBSE norms.

Work Education

Computer Application

General Knowledge

(For Primary Classes only)

Cocurricular Activities

Drawing / Craft / Music (Instrumental / Vocal) / Dance

Soft Skills

Life Skills (as per the CBSE format)

Public & Health Education

Sports / Games / Yoga / Karate

Higher Secondary Curriculum: Subject Combinations for XI & XII

Science Stream

Language: English


  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology / Computer Science

Commerce Stream

Language: English


  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Informatics Practices
  • Economics / Entrepreneurship

General Studies and Physical & Health Education are additional compulsory subjects with no Board-based external assessments. Internally assessed grades are awarded, which reflect in the Marks Statement issued by the Board.

Student Assessment

The academic year of Std. I - X comprises two semesters:

  • Semester I – June to September
  • Semester II – October to March

Assessments: Students of Std. V - X are assessed as per the CCE format prescribed by the CBSE Board. This system of continuous and comprehensive, stress-free, summative, and formative evaluations consists of oral and written class tests, worksheets, presentations, assignments, activities, and projects.

  • Students of Std. XI & XII are also continuously evaluated based on their performance in the class tests and term-end examinations in an academic year. Std. XI students must pass in both Theory and Practical tests separately, in order to be promoted.
  • Prior to the Std. X & XII CBSE examinations, two model exams are also conducted.
  • After every term-end examination, the students are given special guidance and coaching. Parents are also kept informed through 'Open House' sessions.
  • All promotions are based on the cumulative performance of the student, in all the class and semester evaluations conducted during the academic year.

Therefore, students must ensure that they do not miss any of the evaluations. No re-test is given for any examination. Decisions taken by the school authorities, with regard to promotion, will be final and binding.