A hassle-free process, where parents are assured of having a smooth procedure.

Swathy Central School welcomes applications from all parents who support the school’s mission and values. The admission is open to all students irrespective of caste, creed, gender, and nationality. We do, however, limit the number of students based on our capacity to provide the required learning support individually. Preference is given to applicants residing in the neighbourhood, having siblings studying in the school, and to the girl child.

Applications for admission to KG are invited December onwards. For all the other classes, we begin the admission process February onwards, and finalize all admissions by the beginning of April, well before the academic year begins. However, subject to vacancies, we may admit students during the course of the year, provided the applicants fulfill the age, scholastic eligibility, and attendance criteria as per the CBSE norms.

Admission Process

Contact the school office counter or enquire telephonically or via e-mail.

The applicant is to be introduced personally to the school authorities by the parent/guardian, who will be responsible for his/her studies and conduct.

This is the first level scrutiny for assessing the demeanour, communication skills, and aptitudes of the candidates. The age of the applicant is also verified. If found satisfactory, the parents will be asked to fill in the prescribed application forms issued by the school and submit them. The applicants for classes KG and Std. I will be sent to the registration counter for formalizing their admission upon presentation of the copies of the required documents and remittance of the stipulated fee.

The applicants for Std. II - IX will be called for an entrance test to assess their scholastic abilities in English, Maths, Social Studies, and Science. If the eligibility tests are cleared, admission will be given and the next process will follow.

The admission is finalized on the submission of the stipulated fee and copies / originals of the required documents:

  1. Birth Certificate (copy)
  2. Aadhaar Card (copy)
  3. Transfer Certificate, Migration Certificate (duly signed original copy)
  4. Marks and Pass Statement of the previous term (copy)
  5. Attendance Certificate (copy)

The admission to Std. XI is based on the Std. X Board Examinations results.

The marks criteria for the Science stream is higher than that for the Commerce stream. The submission of all required documents as per the CBSE norms is mandatory.

Nous Infosystems, Bangalore, as a part of their CSR initiative, offers sponsorship to students who are academically strong but come from financially weaker sections. They are awarded either full or partial sponsorship as per the eligibility norms decided by the company. Separate applications, which are to be renewed every year, are to be submitted for availing this.

The admission of a student will stand cancelled if the parents and the candidates fail to abide by the declared school policies related to attendance, scholastic performance, financial commitments, and discipline. For withdrawals and issuing of TC, there is a stipulated notice period, and clearance of dues from all departments is mandatory.